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I had a bad day Friday, obviously. And in the past, it would have gone on all weekend, and then I would have berated myself for feeling and thinking so negatively.

Now however, I can be more objective...I have learned so much. 

I didn't let Friday consume me, as it once would have. Things weren't going well, that is true, but these things, I have learned, come and go. So while difficult, they are not impossible to get through. I wish there were easier answers- I really do. Who doesn't? But I am getting stronger, and these things don't dictate my life course anymore. 

I let myself cry a little on Friday, which is something I would never do until I couldn't help it and the tears would flow without my blessing. Afterward, i took care of myself. I rested, ate some comfort food, watched movies, went to bed early. By morning, I felt so much better. I spent the weekend taking care of myself. I kept my worries in the back of my mind because I knew they had to be dealt with, but I gave them a weekend vacation. I watched movies, ate comfort food, played with my pets, and enjoyed my quiet and solitude (my daughter and granddaughter were not home all weekend, which made this even easier).

On Sunday I cleaned a little, did some laundry, watched more movies, and by dinnertime was ready to watch my brother's kids, which was awesome!!

Now I feel better able to handle the stressors of Friday, which of course are always money-related, seeing as I never have enough to pay bills or afford necessities (I make $800.00 a month, and support myself, my daughter, and granddaughter, 2 cats and one dog).

So, even though i still am not sure how I am going to make it all work, I do feel better about my ability to handle it.

Thank God my life is making such enormous and positive changes.  

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